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Thread: Warner cuts DVD pricing to reduce piracy - but only in China

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    Warner cuts DVD pricing to reduce piracy - but only in China

    CAV Warner Home Entertainment is selling the DVD of the Leonardo Di Caprio movie The Aviator in China for the equivalent of just US$1.50, according to an FT story on MSNBC. The idea is to see if this new low price will grow legitimate sales and reduce piracy.

    However, although this represents a major cut from the CAV Warner's usual ticket of around $2.75, it is, seemingly, still twice as much as most ripped-off discs cost in China.

    The report says that the move by the company - established early last year as a joint venture between Warner Home Video and China Audio Video - is likely to anger western DVD buyers who currently pay $20-$30 for recently-released DVD movies.

    In the short term, that may be correct but our take on this trial is somewhat different.

    Discover our rather more positive take over in this HEXUS.headline, then let us know if you think we're being overly optimistic.

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    I agree that lowering prices of legitimate products reduces piracy and its a good thing that WB did. Normally the reason why people Pirate in the 1st place is because the prices are too high.
    WB u have my full support in this.

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    I was a little skeptical about this as it's only in China, but then some people made me think about the minimum pay for workers there...
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