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Thread: CTS - 2006 :: RASCOM's big heatsink is the daddy of cooling

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    CTS - 2006 :: RASCOM's big heatsink is the daddy of cooling

    Just take a look at the size of that heatsink, man! Positively dwarfing the heatsink-clad graphics card next to it, the 700g Noctua NH-U12 features 4 sets of heatpipes and is designed to work with a 120mm fan. The big bosses of the parent company, RASCOM, seemed suitably happy with their monstrous cooling. They reckoned that a 120mm fan spinning at just 800RPM would effectively cool any consumer-level CPU on the market.
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    you have to wonder what the point is, i thought my slk 55 was big, all thats gonna do is warp your motherboard, youve got what? a good 1 or 2 kgm of torque on it, with your core as the pivot, not something id fancy. and youve got to wonder about the effective transfer area of heatpipes, i know they move it fast, but if youre just butting the fins up to it, rather than terminating them in a nice solid lump of metal thats not a lot of contact area.

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    Depends if the mobo is mounted vertically or not... but should that lump not be rotated 90deg on socket? I mean I'd prefer the fan blowing through the heatsink and venting out the rear of the case not up into the PSU.. unless they think everyone is relying 100% on their PSU fan extracting ALL heat from their cases.

    Looking fwd to a review.. hopefully they will try diff positions (of the heatsink!!!)

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    certainly is a beast, would love one of those, no noise, cool cooling (by the looks of it) and would be impressive to see in side viewing panel YUM!!

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