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Thread: Intelligent spoon, video-game urinal, transparent toaster

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    Intelligent spoon, video-game urinal, transparent toaster

    In its latest round-up of weird and wonderful gadgets and technologies, tech blog has come up with some beauties, including a video-game urinal, a transparent toaster and an intelligent spoon!

    Also on the list are a powered (80cc-engined), all-terrain skateboard-cum-snowboard (the Scarpar) and an origami-style fold-out DVD player.

    Find out more in this HEXUS.headline and let us hear your take on these techno wonders.

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    The one catch to the spoon is it has so much stuff on it it becomes too big to put in you mouth, not that you'd want to put anything electrical in there to begin with. Like the foldable screen though. I'd like a large one so I can have a portable laptop with a large screen.

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