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Thread: Turn your DS into a multimedia machine!

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    Turn your DS into a multimedia machine!

    With MAX Media Dock for DS and DS Lite, you can turn your happening handheld into a powerful home entertainment device, with movies, music and more played directly from any Compact Flash card of up to 8GB.

    Check out the Press Release for more info.

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    Mike Fishcake
    Looks like you have to convert video files to a propietory format:

    But that shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I would have probably ended up encoding the file down to the DS screen res anyway to save space.

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    so, you have to put a large adapter cartidge on it to make your brick like handheld even more like a brick? and on top of that you have to waste time converting into a proprietry format?

    i think ill stick to watching movies on the vga screen of my axim....

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