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Thread: Dell recalls 4M+ notebook batteries - UK affected, too

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    Dell recalls 4M+ notebook batteries - UK affected, too

    Dell USA yesterday issued a recall notice for an estimated 4.1 million lithium-ion batteries for notebook PCs - to avoid a possible fire risk - and UK models are affected, too.

    The batteries are Dell-branded but, according to the company, contain cells made by Sony.

    Dell says it does not expect the recall to have a material adverse effect on its own operations, financial position or cash flows.

    That's clearly overly optimistic but does suggest to us that it's Sony that's going to have to pick up the massive bill for swapping out millons of batteries - and that batteries from other brands of notebook PCs, including Sony's own, may also be due a recall!
    More in this HEXUS.headline.

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    Looks like another black mark on Sony face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Voralberg
    Looks like another black mark on Sony face.
    Indeed but what Sony shareholders will be even more concerned about is the possible hit that the company's bottom line might take.

    Will Sony have to cough up not just for the replacement batteries but for the process involved in their replacement?

    If so, then the cost to the company is going to be pretty substantial.

    Not sure what the per-unit cost might be but let's take a guess and say that it's, what, US$50 - though I could readily imagine it being more if Sony is liable for the mechanics of the replacments.

    And then what if the same issues apply to other batteries that Sony has supplied and used in its own laptops?

    How many million batteries might that involve?

    Best case might be a total hit of US$250 million but the worse case could see this figure doubled, trebled, quadrupled or more. Hardly bears thinking about if you've got any financial interest in Sony.

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