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Thread: AMEX M505-BDR - Core 2 Duo Blu-ray-burner MCE PC due Aug 28

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    AMEX M505-BDR - Core 2 Duo Blu-ray-burner MCE PC due Aug 28

    Next month's Berlin Radio Show - the International Funkausstellung (IFA) - running Sept 1-6, is shaping up to be a massive event and the European launchpad for the two competing next-generation, high-def DVD formats, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. We'll bring you all the news from the show floor but Hong-Kong-based AMEX DIGITAL is promising Blu-ray availability even before IFA kicks off.

    Although AMEX will be showing at IFA, it says that August 28 is the in-store date for the product it will be pushing in Berlin, the M505-BDR - a Core 2 Duo media-centre PC fitted with a Blu-ray Disc burner. Also featured are an integrated HDMI-compliant ATI X1600 GPU, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and 1.5TB of SATA hard-disk space.

    More in this

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    Very much looking forward to seeing this beasty in the flesh

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    I hope that's not the BR burner that can't playback BR films!

    Apart from that, sounds like a nice piece of kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinleech
    I hope that's not the BR burner that can't playback BR films!
    Is there any other kind of BR burner?
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    It was a bluff…

    I was interested in buying Amex Digital M505-BDR and sent three e-mails to Amex Digital asking where I can buy it, but still no reply…

    Finally I found out that Highend Studio in Finland sells it.
    Their answer:
    Yes it is possible to ship to Sweden from Finland.
    The system costs depend on the combination. How much hard disk space, memory size, which processor.
    I think that a reasonable combination will cost about 3000€.

    3000€ is about $3700 not $2000…

    I sent a new e-mail to Highend Studio:
    In the press release I read, “Price from $2,000 come with free Blu-ray movie title”.
    Now I wonder what specification would an Amex Digital M505-BDR for 1600€ have?

    Their reply:
    Thank you for your mail.

    To be honest, it was a misleading information about $2000 high-end combination containing Blu-ray. Actually the Panasonic Blu-ray itself costs $1300 in a American Internet shop.

    Best regards,
    Tapani Isoranta
    Highend Studio

    Respect to Highend Studio for finally giving me some answers.

    It was to good to be true.
    Amex Digital did not tell the truth when they said it would cost $2000.

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