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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    I was intrigued by this one. Its name suggests that it uses a hard disk drive, or maybe I am being too simplistic?

    Its odd that anyone would consider launching a handheld product with 8 or 15gb internal hard drives when I can go online and pick up a media player for under 10 quid which uses memory cards which can also be picked up very cheaply - 2gb for less than 20 quid or 4gb for around 50 quid. And the prices will continue to fall while capacities go higher.

    Its not the product that looks weird, its the concept that is. Okay, maybe it will be able to handle multiple file formats, but most of us who use this kind of handheld media device have a PC which we use to process and upload files to these things, and with the plethora of media converters and file managers for these must far out-weigh the human need for something that does it at a much inflated price?

    Its almost inevitable in a consumer environment that producers/manufacturers will attempt to reinvent nearly everything we use. I was less than awestruck to see the latest reinvention of the common all garden razor for instance (I forgot the name of it, but it now has 5 blades).

    Whilst some of us are mad enough to buy these new fangled products, I doubt the producer of The Vibez will make much of a name for themselves, aside the possibility of a Sinclair C5 type of reputation of-course.

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