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Thread: Circulation Booster Mobile electric socks!

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    Circulation Booster Mobile electric socks!

    With Christmas starting to loom already (what, you haven't been in a supermarket recently?), that perennial problem will soon be upon us - what presents to get for older family members?

    Trouble is, if they'd wanted anything (Ferraris and yachts aside), they'd likely already have it by now.

    While oldster don't particularly like to be reminded of health issues (hearing aids for those who refuse to admit they're deaf is a no-no, in our experience), they might not be averse to a present that shows that you care, especially if it's something that helps them better enjoy their retirement (yes, also we thought a hearing aid would do that!).

    And, with that rather long pre-amble out of the way, let's talk about the CB Mobile or, to give it its full name, the Circulation Booster Mobile, from High Tech Health.
    My, my grannie, what
    lovely legs you've got

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