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Thread: Cut-price LG phone to drive GSMA's '3G for All' campaign

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    Cut-price LG phone to drive GSMA's '3G for All' campaign

    The world's top mobile phone operators are looking to boost the uptake of 3G technology with a promotional campaign, 3G for All, that offers LG's KU250 handset at knock-down prices.

    According to the GSM Association, the KU250 will wholesale for about 30 per cent less than a typical entry-level 3G phone and be price-competitive with second-gen multimedia handsets.

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    Interesting, however I think the only way they will increase 3G uptake in this country, is if they couple this low price handset with cheap tariffs. When I first used 3g I had to pay £2 for each mb! Reduce the high data costs associated with 3g and it might succeed imo.

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