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Thread: Reviews - Compro Network Media Centre T1000W: jack of all trades in the living room?

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    Reviews - Compro Network Media Centre T1000W: jack of all trades in the living room?

    Full-HD PVR, network media server, web server and more - is this the king of set-top boxes?
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    Re: Reviews - Compro Network Media Centre T1000W: jack of all trades in the living ro

    Hmmm. Interesting.

    From reading the review, my impression is that this is a good idea, but poorly (so far) implemented.

    Firstly, to me at least, a single tuner in this type of device is utterly unacceptable. I lost interest in buying right there.

    Secondly, if this is a consumer device for a lounge as opposed to a computer device, then usability is utterly critical. Regardless of the technological justification, sluggish menus destroy the user experience and, for me at least, would leave me irritated and frustrated. Too many companies seem to develop devices and rush to get them to market without giving interfaces serious testing, and the result is buyer dissatisfaction and a damaged reputation.

    The response saying
    its performance is less than desired when it comes to data crunching which is the main reason behind the less than desirable EPG rendering and file transfer speed.
    is shocking to me, and I can only assume they didn't intend that for public consumption. If they know that such major aspects are "less than desirable", don't foist it on the public. Get it right first. If that means compromising on price point, or delaying a few months, so be it. But to ship it now knowing that is saying that they'll knowing foist a sub-standard unit onto unsuspecting buyers, and that, I'm afraid, makes me very reluctant to trust any products from them in the future.

    Yes, this type of device, with properly implemented and decent quality features, probably is the future of the set top box. But not, from what I've read, this one. I'd love exactly this type of device, but on this occasion, I'll pass.

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    Re: Reviews - Compro Network Media Centre T1000W: jack of all trades in the living ro

    Just thought I'd update this seeing as I have a T1000W sat at home which is used all the time.

    Compro have worked on the firmware since the review and the overall performance of this system has come on leaps and bounds with the latest update.

    It now supports all major files, including ISO files and has no issues with any of the MKV files and other HD media I've thrown at it since I updated it.

    The menu system used, and I state used to be a little slow as you could queue commands by doing the keypresses on the remote if you remembered them and then it used to slowly navigate through them to where you want to go. Thankfully, since the newer firmware release this has now gone and the menu system is very fast indeed and responds in a very fast and timely manner.

    It now links perfectly up with my Windows 7 PC and can see all the media files I've got on the PC, and I always use it for playing some seriously heavy breaks or D&B when I'm cleaning the living room.

    All in all, it's great. I did use the digital recorder, but now I've got V+ etc installed it's not been connected to an Antenna but it's role as the media player is done without any problems at all.

    The only issue I can see with this unit is that it appears that the microsoft MCE remote controller which can be used on a PC or xbox 360 uses a similar IR setup as the power button on the microsoft remote, turns the compro player on and off.

    So, to sum it up - Have Compro done what they have said and improved the flawed T1000W.

    Yes - Yes they have and now I use it all the time to play back all the various files I've got

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