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    If you can scrape together the extra £75 necessary to purchase a GT model, I'd recommend it, especially with newer gaming titles using huge textures that necessitate larger frame buffers. If ~£200 is your absolute limit, GALAXY's Glacier GeForce 6800 is a fine choice. It's a quiet, pre-overclocked, balanced all-around package.

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    6800 vanilla cards are good. Period.

    this one has a big bad looking heatsink on it and I like the look of the packaging too. Nice silver box. No silly pictures of bloated super models warring with dragons.

    And what an overclock

    Although I think most people WILL pay the extra £75 for a GT, the simple fact is that that would be a 37% price increase.

    and would you get 37% more performance?

    It would be a close thing.

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    I was *very* interested to read the comment in the review "... However, it has to be noted that two previous samples arrived with defects, particularly garbled displays. GALAXY assures us that this issue is behind them and all current shipping cards are factory-certified to be perfect...".

    I have just returned a faulty Galaxy 6800GT. It was a DFI nForce2 LanParty for Athlon XPs. The LanParty splash screen was marred with white pixels and the BIOS was virtually unusable due to corruption of the text. I was able to boot into Windows XP however the screen was covered in random blocks of pixels.

    I thought the problem might only be with the faster GT model, but it sounds as if the vanilla 6800 cards have had problems too.

    It makes you wonder what testing the cards get before they are shipped.
    I'd really like to know how I can get a "factory-certified" card.

    Do Galaxy compensate for wasted time and return shipping costs?

    The only positive comment that I can make is that the card (for the short time it was switched on) was relatively quiet (yes the fan was working!).


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