harrumph - easyPizza seems to be a bit of a waste of time - doesn't support any of the postcodes I've lived in - nor any of my mates!

for online pizza ordering - I tend to use dominos - but all of my local italian and pizza places have web presence with menus - i.e. basilico which does the finest pizza around

as an alternative - try pluggin your postcode into http://eatin.lastminute.com - they've gone downhill recently, but did offer a very good service to my home and office - and never had any problems with them. As I've now moved to wimbledon - I use deliverykings - who are pretty good, but are having staff issues (where it took almost 2 hours for my food to turn up last weekend) - but on the plus side, I didn't have to pay the 40 quid for the order
Mexifresh www.mexifresh.co.uk still hasn't got their web presence completely organised, but they're really good doing a range of great tacos, burritos and the like cooked to order... delicious.