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Thread: Qnap TS-251+

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    Qnap TS-251+

    A powerful two-bay NAS for home or office prosumers.
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    Re: Qnap TS-251+

    Any chance of a photo of the innards?

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    Re: Qnap TS-251+

    Quote Originally Posted by iamlorro View Post
    Any chance of a photo of the innards?
    Sure thing. Here it is:

    Higher-res image available at this link.

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    iamlorro (06-03-2016)

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    Re: Qnap TS-251+

    I am a little peeved with Qnap at the moment.
    I have a TS-469L and not only do I use it for normal backups, but I use it as a media center (with their remote) via a HDMI plugged into my TV.
    Because we still have free-to-air TV here in Australia, I had a dual TV tuner from their approved list plugged in using TV station. We have cable TV in Australia as well, but the only way to access the encrypted signal is via a Foxtel set-top box.
    Now Qnap have totally removed TV station and all support for it, plus my USB tuner and there is no idea on when it is going to be working properly again. At least the Qnap support staff are quick to respond, give honest answers and try to be helpful even though they can't.
    So that is one less function it can do and I am disappointed. Lucky I had kept my old PVR, because KWorld do not keep their software up to date and the tuner is now incompatible with windows 8, 8.1 and 10. So I can't just plug it into my PC and use it there. KWorld also has absolutely no customer service at all - even though I have contacted them many times over several months using email addresses from offices in different countries, KWorld just do not respond. Another useless company to add to the "Do Not EVER Buy From Them Again" list!
    I just hope Qnap don't get rid of the surveillance and VM functions.
    Overall a big let down!
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