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Thread: Qnap TS-251A

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    Qnap TS-251A

    The two-bay NAS that doubles as a USB drive.
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    Re: Qnap TS-251A

    I am extremely disappointed and totally frustrated with Qnap.
    DO NOT BUY A QNAP - you never know when they will stop supporting functions you are using.
    And guess what, their main opposition - Synology - still support all the functions they had back when I bought this.
    Should have bought one of those instead.

    My disenchantment with Qnap all began after a lot of research and reading a overwhelming number of positive reviews and stories all spruiking how good Qnap was, I initially purchased a ts-469 in 2013 thinking that I would get years of reliable service from this unit - OH how wrong was I.

    So I spent even more purchasing a remote, extra ram, USB dual TV tuner, USB dual band wifi, 4x 4TB enterprise drives, dual 3.5" HDD external enclosure with 2x 4TB WD red's around the time I got the Qnap. All these products were straight off their compatibility list and fully supported by their software at that time. The TV tuner was very hard to find because none of the ones on the compatibility list could be found anywhere around the world and I was lucky when a used one come up on ebay - I was not the only person to be complaining to Qnap about this and asking them to improve their list. So they improved it by getting rid of the TV station app and the tuner compatibility list all together.
    I set it up with the dual TV tuner, which at first worked really well at recording and streaming TV shows over our wired and wireless home and could be accessed via the cloud. Very happy with this as I was very sick since 2011 (constantly going to hospital, while there I could download a pile of things when I was up to it, so I could amuse myself instead of being stuck in there staring at the ceiling) and started looking into setting it up with cameras for home security.
    Then they stopped supporting USB equipment I purchased (the TV tuner and wifi adapter) and at the same time, the Qnap TV station stopped being supported only in Australia, they removed all the products I had purchased from their compatibility list and with no warning, it stopped working.
    So for over year, I kept contacting them to find out what was going on and every response claimed that they were looking into it and hope to sort it out shortly.
    They lied to me the whole time.

    To this day, they have done nothing to fix the problems or reintroduce any of the products back onto the compatibility list. They put out a press release early this year when talking about getting rid of TV station altogether - it begins with "QNAP is dedicated to providing the best multimedia solutions". Totally false and a big smack in the face to their customers - as far as I am concerned, they are not dedicated to their customer base at all after reading a huge number of other people complaining about this.

    I ended up getting a NUC and a FirmTek SeriTek PM5 with a DATOptic esata to USB 3.0 adapter (port multiplier compatible and works great), loaded Win 8.1 with WMC and started using that instead. Could even get another Hauppaugge USB dual tuner and have all 4 working - though, as usual with buying parts in Australia, I had to source that from overseas (the UK), as they do not sell it here.

    In buying a Qnap, little did I realise what a waste of time and money that would be - very quickly went from a very usable piece of equipment to a boat anchor!!!!!!

    So much for their *************************** customer service and reliability.
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    Re: Qnap TS-251A

    very cool disign

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