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Thread: Synology DS216play

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    Synology DS216play

    A dual-bay multimedia NAS touting 4K video transcoding.
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    Re: Synology DS216play

    When I read your first sentence of this review "With network-attached storage (NAS) solutions from multiple vendors touting increasingly similar feature sets, it can be tricky to differentiate one NAS from another." that it is incorrect.
    From experience, I find that there is a lot of difference between them, particularly two big names - qnap and Synology.
    When Synology sell products with a set of features, they maintain these features. Whereas qnap do the opposite, they stop putting in the effort and remove features. And Synology's customer support does not string you along for years with lies, they are actually worlds apart.
    After doing a lot of research, I bought a qnap specifically advertised as being capable as a media server with TV station. At the time I was very sick going in and out of hospital over many years. I wanted this to be able to record TV shows and then I could watch them from my cloud when I was up to it (instead of staring at the ceiling day after day). Within a couple of months it stopped working and for the next 2 years, qnap support kept telling me that they were going to fix it. What a lie, as they then turned around and totally removed that feature. So I was then stuck with a item that was only useful as a boat anchor.
    Not impressed at all.
    If they had told me the truth, I would have been able to use our consumer protection laws (if a product does not do what it claims to do, the customer is entitled to return the item and get all their money back). But since they kept dangling hope in front of me and the wording of their replies prevented me from returning their rubbish product, I was eventually conned out of my money, because they went beyond the time available to return it.
    What a scam.
    All the while Synology has continued to support the complete feature set it was advertised to do, and that includes the very features that qnap couldn't be bothered to continue with and removed (using USB TV tuners to record free-to-air TV).
    So if you want your product to continue doing what you bought it for and to get excellent customer support, don't look towards a qnap, buy a Synology.
    PS, I will have to admit that my experience does not extend to other manufacturers, but if the choice is between these 2, it is patently clear to me which brand to go for. The one that faithfully continues to support their products and their customers.

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