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Thread: Razer Blade (2017)

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    Razer Blade (2017)

    Razer's popular 14in gaming laptop gets an Intel Kaby Lake refresh.
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    Re: Razer Blade (2017)

    I was surprised the gigabyte aero's battery life was so good so it's nice to see it here too. Frustrating this doesn't have an ethernet port but perhaps it wouldn't fit with the slim form factor.

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    Re: Razer Blade (2017)

    Can easily buy a USB3 gigabit adapter if you need one.

    I really fancy one of these, it looks so sleek! Torn between this and a Surface Book 2.

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    Re: Razer Blade (2017)

    Razer Australia has a lot of upset and frustrated customers (including a friend of mine who swears he will never buy anything from this company again) who received discount vouchers for the Core, but still cannot use them.

    What a con!!!

    I know that these eGPU units have their dissenters, but they are out there and Razer has included discount vouchers ($150 in Australia) for the core with their ultrabook.

    Well Razer still has not got the Core on it's Australian website.
    A search on the Australian site initially brings up the US store, then click on the Core and the website has a epileptic fit, going back and forward between the US site and the Australian site and ends up on the Australian Razer store "WELCOME TO RAZERSTORE" page with no result.
    The only place it can be seen, is advertised on the Blade Stealth page as an optional accessory, but it appears nowhere else.

    It is not being sold in Australia and they cannot use the voucher outside Australia.
    When asked, Razer just keep leading their customers up the garden path with "Don't worry, it will be released soon", but this has been going on since last year, when they first started selling these laptops which included the vouchers and started selling the Core overseas.

    Extremely poor customer service from a company that cannot help but to lie to it's customers!!
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