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Thread: Qnap TS-253B

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    Qnap TS-253B

    A premium dual-bay NAS with PCIe expansion.
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    • whatif's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5
      • CPU:
      • i7 4790K Watercooled OC to 4.2GHz
      • Memory:
      • 32Gb 1866MHz Crucial Ballistic Tactical
      • Storage:
      • Samsung XP941 256GB, 800GB Intel DC 3700 SSD, 960GB Crucial BX100 SSD, 4TB Seagate Constellation ES3
      • Graphics card(s):
      • 2x AMD R9 290X watercooled
      • PSU:
      • 1200W Enermax Platimax
      • Case:
      • Cooler Master HafX 942
      • Operating System:
      • 8.1
      • Monitor(s):
      • Benq 20", or LG 60LA8600 TV
      • Internet:
      • Cable

    Re: Qnap TS-253B

    Quote - "Anyone looking to enter the world of network-attached storage should give strong consideration to Qnap or Synology. The two Taiwanese brands lead the way in terms of feature-packed software and robust hardware, and both are eager to refresh their product ranges on a regular basis with incremental upgrades that elevate the end-user experience."

    I would agree with this concerning Synology, BUT I disagree totally with it applying to qnap - I ended up with a downgrade after a loss of sofware and compatibility, found them very reluctant to be eager to help (would not talk to me otr help in any way, just kept refering me to useless forums) and a big drop in the end user experience..
    I purchased one a few years ago (469 Pro) for the home to use as my media centre and initially liked it, especially as it had a HDMI. We only have one TV antenna outlet and several TV's, so I could set it up to stream to all the other TV's and any other device (eg - tablet). Then within 3 months was left frustrated and disappointed when the TV station stopped and they changed compatible accessories without notice in 2014. Lost my wifi and TV station. They kept telling me not to worry because they were working hard on it and it will be all fixed soon, just wait for the next update, but they did nothing. Took them until 2016 to finally say it was officially finished. From their compatibility list, I had purchased 2x Hauppaugge dual TV tuners, more RAM, a remote, an dual band wifi adapter, and 4x 4TB enterprise HDDs to record TV and stream across the house, but the USB wifi adapter, the TV tuner both disappeared from the compatibility list - I found this out when they suddenly stopped working after an update. All I was left with was a pile of expensive rubbish.
    Not even an apology from qnap when questioned over this issue, all they said was that there were too many problems getting it to work, blamed everybody else and that they had to remove this function.
    Yet Synology has continued to maintain both this function and their compatibility list.
    In other words, qnap could not be bothered to put in some effort to continue their TV station and it obviously was solvable because Sunology still has it working fine.
    They have joined the list of manufacturers that I would not touch with a barge pole.
    Since then I have advised a lot of people away from qnap and towards Synology because of much better customer service and a far more reliable product.
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    Re: Qnap TS-253B

    If I was buying a NAS, those two would probably be the top of my list, and your story, Whatif, represents exactly the kind of direct experience feedback that makes a big difference to me.

    Even though my needs would be different, what it suggests about one company is pertinent. Thanks.
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    Re: Qnap TS-253B

    I saw a QNAP review and wondered if that chap who trawls the internet to post his horrendous experience with QNAP had paid a visit to the comments and he has!

    I admire his tenacity and unwillingness to let QNAP get an easy ride.

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