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Thread: Orange SPV C550

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    Orange SPV C550

    Put aside the speed issues, and the SPV C550 is a complete handset that provides every application you could possibly need as a mobile user, and more.

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    My c500 is getting a bit scuffed so im going to give this phone some consideration. It just isnt as good looking though. Also i love my battery life on this thing and the feel of quality....

    Looks like i wont be changing for some time then. Bring on the spv c600.
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    i personally think that while the review is ok the person who wrote it doesnt use a WMSP as their day to day phone.

    The c550 is the next step in smartphones, why? it uses a new screen resolution (240x320) to the older (176x220) so what you ask well these 2 screenshots are taken with the new and old res'

    quite a diffrenece isnt there, but the big downfall of this is that the games and applications need to have the resorces for this, old games that either dont have the resorces or carnt figure out how to scale the old ones simply will stay at the old res but centered in the middle of the screen. this is where the c550 can be the next phone or a bells and whistles phone that never takes off.

    Ive had my c550 for 2 months now and my battery lasts 4-5 days with daily use and its allways used i also know 2 other c550 users with no battey life issues.

    the issue where boot times are 2 min plus happen with every WMSP its the way the os works and isnt a issue to me as my phone is never turned off, if i go the cinema or hospital i turn on flightmode where all radios are turned off on the device but its still alive for pim etc.
    You say the interface is slow, is this the wm interface or the naff orange things down the left hand side interface? the windows one is a joy to use and i can instanly get to my txt's email and contacts in 1 button press so i carnt see why its slow or is it that the reviewer is more used to a nokia then a phone that is multipurpose.

    the c550 is the first in its range to have dedicated hardware music playback buttons that are welcome but not a need but are a added feature that no other spv has (note i said spv and not WMSP)

    all in all i give my c550 5/5 as i think currently its the best wmsp on the market.


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