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Thread: Hey, take a look at my 15-inch $2,300 TV

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    Hey, take a look at my 15-inch $2,300 TV

    It’s a miracle of technology. First we start with a really fast CISC processor and an interrupt driven OS, a distributed communications system, and then add lots of memory to hide all that stuff so steaming things seem to run smoothly. Whatya think, pretty cool, hu?. It’s damn near as good as my 27-inch $700 TV. And that’s not all, for just $80 I can add a Logitech X-520 and get 5.1 sound.
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    Seems such a waste, and then you start wondering what else you could get for the same amount... but then I suppose a 2.5k desktop isnt too portable really

    Ah if only...

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    $2'300? lets see..thats a top of the line laptop with a dvd dl rw (just coming out) and a PCMCIA TV tuner card. Enough power to render any game playable...oh and enough change to by a "like new" chavalier

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