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Thread: Creative MuVo NX 128MB

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    Creative MuVo NX 128MB

    "Looking around various on-line etailers, the Creative MuVo NX 128MB can be had for a touch under £90. We feel that's just about an acceptable outlay for a product that excels in most areas, be it digital media player, sound recorder or storage device. The intuitive LCD display and controls are a bonus. Sure, it's sonic skills aren't up to the very best players and it perhaps needs a little more volume oomph to satisfy bass junkies, but we reckon it will be hard to find a much better package on this side of £100. Recommended if it fits into your needs."

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    Rechargeable batteries and docking stations are good if you're bound the desk, but they're a big nuisance if you're travelling, or away from the docking station for any reason...

    I think AAA batteries are actually the best option for this sort of thing - remember you can get reasonably high capacity NiMH rechargeables for only a small outlay.

    With a proprietary battery you also have to pay through the nose should the battery fail (and if they're Li-ion I give it two years max), and five years later when the product is no-longer available, batteries might not be either! At least with AAA I can go straight to the store and buy more
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