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Thread: :: MSI NX7300GS-TD256E GeForce 7300 GS 256MiB

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    It's key for system integrators be able to put together budget systems that can still provide the fully-fledged interfaces of the likes of Vista, without having to fork out for a high-end card. That's quite possible with the help of today's generation of budget cards, like MSI's NX7300GS-TD256E, which we're reviewing here today.
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    A waste of time IMO. You can get X1600 for about £75 and they would run games much much fasterer (!!). From what I've read on other sites, the purevideo enhancements that nVidia introduced on the Geforce 6x00 cards isn't up to much either so they don't even cut it when it comes to making a Media PC. I guess their ability to run Vista is their only selling point.

    Good, well written review as always tho...
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