I found that 'authentic' recipe for Spaghetti Bolgnese, it's from the actual mayor of Bologna. Here tis:

300 grammes minced beef intestines
150 grammes smoked ham
50 grammes of carrot & celery
30 grammes of onion
five tablespoons of tomato puree or juice
half a glass of white wine
half a glass of milk

Put the chopped ham & chopped vegetables in a pot with olive oil & butter and fry gently. Add the meat then the wine & tomato sauce thinned out with broth. Cook for two hours adding salt, pepper and spoons of the milk.

The Spaghetti should be cooked for six minutes.

And there you have it, quoted verbatim.

No, I've never tried it, but thought it was interesting.

And I've always wondered what beef intestines are, exactly?