Sunflower oil
3 Eggs
Grated Mozzerella Cheese
2 Rashers Bacon
Pepper (mmm, eggs with pepper on)
Any other tasty bits you feel like adding.

Ok take a small fry pan or something similar. Put it on a very low heat.
You need to pour the sunflower oil in. Not just a little bit in the bottom but enough to cover the whole pan twice (seriously).
You need to take the whole egges (excluding shells) and whisk them with a whisker or fork or whatever. Add pepper to your whisked eggs put in as much as you like Pepper and eggs are a great combo.
Now you need to slice up the rashers of bacon into quarters and add this too your eggs. Same with the cheese. I personally add so much cheese it's usually more cheese than egg.
Other bits you can add are strip of chicken (MUST BE PRE COOKED) or boiled ham is good. Tomato is good sometimes but can be a problem cooking.
Now you want to make sure you thick layer of oil is hot and basically drop the whole lot into the middle of the pan and spread it out along the pan.
Now hopefully the oil should be on top of the mixture (I say hopefull it's usually less efficient than that.) Now you need to keep it on a low heat because if you cooked it on flames from hell the eggs would cook in an instant and begin to burn while you wait for the bacon to cook. You can pre cook it but usally I then burn the bacon. Now because you're cooking on a low heat normally by the time you'd want to turn an omellette over it's still not cooked on to so we have a layer of hot oil ontop cooking the top layer.
When it's all cooked you can eat it (isn't that nice)
I'm sure this is something none of you will ever even attempt but I've been eating for breakfast for the past three months so I figured I might aswell share.