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Thread: instant hot water dispenser

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    Re: instant hot water dispenser

    I may consider a kettle with variable temperature as I mostly drink black coffee and sometimes fruit teas which require less temperature

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    Re: instant hot water dispenser

    Ok its not quite instant but the one cup kettles are really worth a look the type that boil the water and deliver it into a cup.

    They are not plumed in and are cheap to purchase and run.

    We have the morphy richards once cup one purchase 4 years ago used daily- occasional descale with Vinegar

    1) Fill mug with water (eg. full up half cup etc)
    2) Flip lid on device pour in water
    3) Hit switch to power on
    4) Add coffee powder / teabag to mug
    5) hot drink!

    We got ours for £20 on sale at there MR web site they have a new fancy model with a tank this looks like an evolution on our one which has no tank. There is a video on the site I have the accents one cup it is ugly but work so well! its not made and more (Probably due to its looks!)

    Other models that looks similar

    The temperature is not 100c a bit below though none of the models have variable temp this is due to the design (the boiling water generates the push for the hot liquid to be expelled there is no pump)
    We have a variable temp kettle but the one cup unit is great for tea and instant coffee. We have a coffee machine for ground. Fine for fruit teas, you could alway add a small amount of cold water to the cup BEFORE puting it in the dispenser (remember to reduce the quantity of hot water- there is a dail on the new models)
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