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Thread: Coffee machine for an occasional user?

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    Re: Coffee machine for an occasional user?

    Quote Originally Posted by DanceswithUnix View Post
    Wow, good effort!

    I have to keep the beans quite mild around here, I got complaints at the recent strong ones.
    That reminds me of a tactic I adopted at Uni, seeing as I was one of the few to show up with a decent filter coffee machine. Soon, I acquired several friends. Good. Then I acquired loads more, who always seemed to be thirsty.


    So I had a chat with my friendly, local bean supplier and he provided me with some "special" beans he assured me would resolve the freeloader problem. They had an .... ummm .... unique flavour.

    Turns out I wasn't quite as popular (except among those I had chosen to warn) as it had seemed. But it resolved the issue. Except, one individual seemed to have a cast-iron gizzard. Eventually, I treated him to a double-strength dose of my "special" beans. His gizzard might have been cast-iron but apparently his bowels weren't. They also weren't flame-proof. He developed a taste for tea after that. And we all avoided that loo for about a week.
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    Re: Coffee machine for an occasional user?

    Did you get your machine fixed/replaced @Saracen999 ?
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