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Thread: What's up with these stone coated frying pans?

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    Re: What's up with these stone coated frying pans?

    Best solution for me has been a stainless steel wok from IKEA bought more than a decade ago. Yes, I sometimes season it, but more often than not use a metal scrubber to clean it. It's a huge wok, too.

    I've found the various non-stick options to be too much of a headache. Have been using a stone /ceramic frying pan recently at my brother's place and it's frustrating to have to be careful, when I could have cleaned the stainless steel in seconds.

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    Re: What's up with these stone coated frying pans?

    If anyone's interested Sainsburys near me were doing 1/2 price on all Scoville pans & utensils in the stone coated range. Picked myself up a few more bargains as I replace all my old Teflon style pans. Hopefully the same deal is on everywhere else if anyone wants to give this stone style a test. £11 for the breakfast style frying pan. Don't know when the deal ends sadly

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