I recently ended up with a used HP ML115 G5 server (Opteron 1354 @ 2.2GHz, quad core) because it was randomly overheating and shutting down.

It was full of dust, but after a can of compressed air, and installing extra RAM, GFX, and HDDs, it's been working fairly well as my browsing/download/media PC.

The downside is HP's custom case, motherboard and PSU, none of which quite fit standard specs or sizes. I've replaced the included delta 10k RPM fans with quieter ones, but had to remove the PWM speed control wire to stop the mobo shutting down as soon as they slowed to a sensible speed. So they're not actually that quiet. I still have doubts about the health of it all, so I'm thinking that swapping the components over to a modern silent case and PSU would save me from having to scrap perfectly good kit.

What I need help finding is a decent Socket AM2/AM2+ motherboard that supports the Opteron 1354 processor (from what I can see, the Phenom 9550 is the equivalent consumer part, is that correct?), has 4 RAM slots, a decent number of USB and SATA ports, and is still available. I know this is now a couple of years out of date, but if anyone has any suggestions as to models I should be looking for, I'm all ears.