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Thread: Asrock FM2A88X Mini itx plus motherboard

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    Asrock FM2A88X Mini itx plus motherboard

    I am planning to build a mini pc using this mobo. my main preference for this is because it has a hdmi IN and also has w-fi.
    If anyone has built a SFF system i would like to know what case you used and the memory (as sockets are very close). Also if anyone has had problems of overheating or shutdowns due to overheating when using an A10 chip. Thanks.

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    Re: Asrock FM2A88X Mini itx plus motherboard

    I am typing this on an old A8-3870 socket FM1 box built into a CoolerMaster itx Elite-120 case. The CPU fan is running like a nutter, which is why the machine doesn't get used much and I am looking forward to getting my replacement motherboard later.

    I think part of that problem is Gigabyte motherboards not being all that good for fan control (an Asrock should be much better), and partly down to there not being much air in a small case.

    It shouldn't overheat, but avoiding the machine being noisy requires some care and playing around.

    I found in my daughter's uATX shoebox build, adding an old 6770 graphics card took some load off the main FM2 CPU and made the machine massively quieter as well as faster gaming.

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