I watched a Hexus presentation of Asus Crosshair VI AM4 motherboard on Youtube and was very impressed with the complexity of the information pertaining this motherboard. I can only begin to understand currently what was being discussed about the technical specification of this motherboard pertaining VCORE and SOC for the power phases of the motherboard.

With that to one side I'd like some technical information but I don't know where to start.

I've got some old hardware for the PCI slots of motherboards -Sound cards

For some strange reason these cards do not work [well] with Intel Socket 1155 and I believe the problem to be something along the lines of the PCI controller [or implementation of] for this socket of motherboard eg Z77 chipset.

Oddly the next incarnation after this Intel socket 1150 the problem dis-appeared - But I don't know why other than something altered for the Z97 chipset.

Some more information or pointing me in the right direction to the information would be helpful.

There is also other hardware that connects with PCI-e which also has problems on X99 chipset where as on other chipsets the PCI-e hardware works well. The only thing I know of this is something to do with the PCI-e address system which changed from 12 addresses to 36 [apparently]

Some more info on these two aspects would be helpful to know a little more as it is frustrating when one socket works well with some aspect of hardware whilst another does not.

Hope this makes sense - Thanks