wonder if you could help me...I am trying to record myself playing drums.
At the moment, I've got one single mic over my kit with a lead with a mic connection at one end, and a 1/4inch jack at the other end. I then have a little converter from 1/4inch jack to 1/8inch jack going into the 'mic in' port at the back of my PC. (this is on board sound on the motherboard rather than a physical sound card)
I have found the record quality is very poor doing this...is there a better way to connect the mic to the PC?

I have a guitar amp, would it be better to connect the mic to the amp then have the PC connect to the amp's output so that the amp works as a pre-amp? or would that not work?

Or would it be be more worth getting a PCI sound card with a 1/4inch jack port on?

Or perhaps a totally different method to increase record quality?

By the way, my mic is a cheapo instrument mic I picked up for about £20 so part of the problem is probably that.