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Thread: Top Gun 2....

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    Re: Top Gun 2....

    T>I just think it's the same as with anything, once the big profit makers get involved, they flood the market, often just trying to recreate yesterday's earners. It was the same in the music industry, as my cousin said 'too many accountants'(and not enough talent). But the way people obtained music shifted and the whole industry has to restructure.

    The major studios are all about profit and that's why they recreate past hits, with limited scope. But with film makers like Steven Soderbergh making a film on his phone, and laptop effects and editing, more independent film makers can compete. Also with the way people are changing their viewing habits, may affect the studios. Tony Scott did make a couple of music videos at that time; George Michael and Kenny Loggins.

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    Re: Top Gun 2....

    Quote Originally Posted by Ttaskmaster View Post
    I honestly thought this had died a death in Development Hell....

    Thing is, even when Top Gun came out, it was heavily criticised by anyone who knew anything about anything featured, as there's barely a single scene without a factual error or gaffe. I used to be acquainted with a US Navy pilot and former XO of the real TOPGUN (one word, all caps, don't ask) and the rant-list was immense. Even British Army armourers were picking holes in the 'Goose Ejects' scene...

    But still, it's as much awesomely silly fun today as it was back then... and I'm still arguing with others bikers over exactly which motorcycle was featured!!

    Hoping for more of the same, Mister Cruise!!
    Well speaking of the bike...

    The Express has what seems to be a photo of Cruise on a motorcycle during filming:

    Consensus on the original seems to be that it was a Kawasaki Ninja GPz900R.

    How about this new one?
    No trees were harmed in the creation of this message. However, many electrons were displaced and terribly inconvenienced.

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    Re: Top Gun 2....

    Quote Originally Posted by Galant View Post
    Consensus on the original seems to be that it was a Kawasaki Ninja GPz900R.
    How about this new one?
    I've had long arguments with a GPZ600 owner over whether it was the 6 or 9...

    New one looks like the Ninja H2-R.

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