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Thread: Spotify or Music Unlimited?

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    Re: Spotify or Music Unlimited?

    Spotify and Music Unlimited are both great music streaming services, but they have different strengths. Spotify has a larger library of songs and it's free to use with ads, whereas Music Unlimited has a smaller library but no ads and costs $10/month. Personally, I find the ad-supported Spotify to be good enough for my needs, but if you want to listen to music without any interruptions then the paid version of Spotify or Music Unlimited would be better options.

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    Re: Spotify or Music Unlimited?

    Oh, for me, no ad's is an absolute, no-hesitation, definite must. I truly, intensely, loathe advderts, and would rather listen to nothing, or even a nightime catfight outside, than adverts.

    In order, my preference would be :-

    1) Free, no ad's .... obviously. But a bit unrealistic. It has to be funded somehow.

    2) Paid-for, ad-free. What I get has to be worth it to me for me to pay for it, but if it is, then fine.

    3) Don't bother doing it.

    4) to 1-billion) Almost anything else provided it's ad-free.

    1-billion and 1) Nothing at all.

    What isn't even on the list is "with ad's".

    With TV, for example, I have three DVD/HD recorders (two Pioneer, one Panasonic). I never watch TV with ad's. I'll record a program, then spend the few minutes it takes to go through and do a frame-accurate edit to remove the ad's, then watch that, rather than watch the ad's.

    Why? Other than detesting ad's (which, in case i'm not clear yet, i do ) it takes me typically 5 minutes or less to edit a one hour program to be an ad-free 38m-41m of content, rather than watch 20-ish minutes of ad's per hour, thereby recovering 15 minutes of my life otherwise lost beyond redemption to bleeping adverts.

    The same applies to listening to music. Listening to whatever is my choice of music can enhance my mood, or relax me, or pump me up ready to do something, depending on choice of musical genre. Listening to ad's can very rapidly turn me into a right grumo, with a nature something like a blend of the Grinch and a pee'd off T-Rex with a serious attitude problem.

    TL : DR version - no adverts for me, ever.

    BTW, this thread was about 18 months old.
    A lesson learned from PeterB about dignity in adversity, so Peter, In Memorium, "Onwards and Upwards".

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