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Thread: Ethernet Switch Question

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    Ethernet Switch Question

    I currently have a PC upstairs with a Netgear 834G router, attached to this is a homeplug.

    The second homeplug is downstairs in the living room, which I use to provide internet connectivity to my Xbox (for XBMC duties) and Xbox 360.

    Up until now I have been switching the ethernet cable manually between the Xbox and the 360. However, I will be buying a PS3 at launch and don't want to keep switching the ethernet cable between the three devices.

    I just wanted to know whether if I connected the second homeplug (downstairs) to an ethernet switch like the Netgear GS605 would it work? My main concern is whether the switch would work automatically when I switch between consoles?

    NB Wireless is not an option as I get very poor reception downstairs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    That will work fine, but gigabit will be overkill for what you are tying to do. Homeplug networking is not very fast, and in any case games consoles don't have Gigabit ethernet.

    Unless you plan to use the switch for something else in the future, you would be better off buying a 100 Mbit switch. Many can be brought for £10 or so compared with £50-100 for a Gigabit model.

    Switches don't work by moving connections about like you would with wires. Instead they switch Ethernet packets like a telephone exchange. All the packets from your three consoles will get interleaved and sent through the homeplug adaptor to the other end and your broadband. Returning packets are sent to the correct device, again like a phone exchange.

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    Thanks chrestomanci - I'll take your comments on board. Thanks for the very informative answer, it's a great help.

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