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Thread: Sky broadband and WoW ...?

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    ping -t router.ip.address > c:\routerping.txt

    should do it nicely. Just leave it going and play the game for a bit, then come back, cancel it, and you'll have a nice text file in the root of c with the ping results.

    edit: just pipped to the post.

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    Hmm I'll leave it till tommorow to see if it corrects... If it doesn't I'll do the thing you suggested.

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    Hmm, well I come to log-on today and my latency is still teribble...

    I got a reply to my post from the official Blizzard forums and some one else said that they were on Sky Broadband and they also played on the server as me... And their latency was very high aswell.

    Well tonight is their weekly maintenance so I hope they fix it.

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    Do you get high ping in all online games or is it just WOW??

    I had problems with my ADSL Max 8 meg connection with Virgin.

    If they change me to a 2 meg connection without ADSL Max ping is very low but obviously download is not as good.

    Waiting for them to sort it out so that I can have my 8 meg connection and still get low pings.

    They told me some story about hardware upgrade at the time but think its all rubbish.


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    Hey guys.

    Apparently quite a lot of people have been reporting bad latency to Sky...

    Here is the link :

    To be honest it looks like sky don't want to help us gamers.

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