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Thread: Pipex - network problems?

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    Pipex - network problems?

    Last night I was having problems with Pipex disconnecting – was literally connected for 20 seconds then disconnected for a minute. I’m not sure if it’s my router or not but it’s only started happening as of last night – dropping connection. When it is “connected” it’s incredibly slow although the router says it’s connected at 2meg.

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    Re: Pipex - network problems?

    I've had similar problems before and it was reportedly due to physical faults on my BT line.
    BT never 'fixed' the line but the problems went away after a month, so I feel that it might not have been BT's issue at all.

    Perform all the standard line checks, PC and one filter in the master socket, then call Pipex and report the problem.

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    Re: Pipex - network problems?

    I'm on Homecall (Pipex, of course) and it was v. slow last night.
    OK today, so just a glitch perhaps.
    There were some posts on a closed newsgroup mentioning the same thing; this suggests poss. BT.


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