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Thread: Wireless Networking Adapter Help!

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    Wireless Networking Adapter Help!


    Here's the story. I got this Mesh Computer about two weeks ago and was suprised when it DID NOT detect a wireless adapter automatically or built in (It's a Asus P5N-D motherboard but I can find nothing about internet or wireless internet support in the manual, just ethernet?! Confusing).

    Anyway -10 points to Mesh not shipping the computer with wireless support or an adapter.

    Since then I bought a Netgear USB stick from Ebuyer, which wouldn't work no matter what. It's back in the box waiting to be thrown out.

    Went to PC world and bought a DLink DWA-140 for £30 which is Wireless N and another USB adapter, and the packaging assures works 100% with Vista and with the older G networks. Well it certainly didn't out of the box but Windows Update updated the drivers and I thought all was well.

    It's speedy, and when it works it does work - but it randomly cuts out. It can cut out every few hours, especially after gaming or downloading - it seems to overheat, or Vista cuts it off. This is usually fixed with a quick restart, though it still isn't exactly acceptable. Today the same thing happened and I had to wait a few hours before it was working again.

    So in short.. DOES my motherboard have wireless support but whoever set my motherboard up at Mesh did not enable it?

    My device manager reports under Network Adapters the Dlink USB adapter (in full name) and "NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller". Sorry if this is dumb but does the Nvidia thing have anything to do with the internet or wireless support?

    If not, what Wireless Networking Adapters can I use that are 100% Vista ready and work with no crashes, slow down or disconnections?

    Should I dare try another USB? PCI Card? Are there any other options?

    I simply have BT Wireless Broadband, get 2 or 3mb from it and it's a BTVOYAGER2091-31.


    I am sorry if this is a long drawn out post but I really want the internet connection to this computer sorted. My old machine (which was upgraded to XP home) had a PCI card installed a few years ago which never ever cut out, but sometimes got less than the full signal every now and then). Sadly that PC is completely totalled and refuses to turn on and has serious problems.

    So in plain English what options do I have and what is the best option? I know this is a simple problem, but I want no more cock ups or stress.

    Finally, does Vista have trouble with wireless connections? As there are no DLink drivers running, the updated drivers leave it all to the default Vista monitor.. thing.

    Okay thanks!

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    Re: Wireless Networking Adapter Help!

    it sounds like you're getting interference with your wireless network.

    have you tried changing the channel you're broadcasting on?

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    Re: Wireless Networking Adapter Help!

    You could also ask someone with a wifi laptop to come round to see if they can detect your wireless network. I'm suprised your motherboard did not dectect it. Let us know how you get on.

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    Re: Wireless Networking Adapter Help!

    Wireless on motherboards is still pretty uncommon and it's far from standard to expect it's there. The spec of that motherboard, doesn't list wireless so the option for the nForce controller is just the onboard lan.

    Why'd you get a DLink DWA-140?? It's a range booster and is only there to be used if your wireless signal isn't that strong. Turn that part off and try using just the USB device.

    Also, when you position your USB device, make sure it's somewhere fairly high up, away from your computer as the computer itself can easily interfere with the signals and if you have a CRT monitor, don't position the USB stick too close to that either.

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    Re: Wireless Networking Adapter Help!

    Did you specifically specify wireless when you bought it? As Lucio says, it is relatively rare to find a Mobo with wireless built in. If you did specify that and Mesh haven't supplied it (or it was quoted in the specifications) you should take it up with Mesh.

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