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Thread: Shell Full Fibre 900 mystery

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    Shell Full Fibre 900 mystery

    I got Full Fibre last year from Shell. On usenet and irrespective of what software i use, NZBGet or SabNZB, If the server is setup with Linux full speed. If setup on Windows 11 it starts off at 100% but slows very quickly to around 20-30% and stays at that.

    I bought a pci express 2.5G Ethernet card thinking it might be Win 11 and the onboard ethernet that was the issue. This didn't solve the problem.

    If I connect my mini pc with Win 11 and install the software 100%.

    I am completely stumped as to what the issue might be with the Server and Win 11

    Anything else I could try?

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    Re: Shell Full Fibre 900 mystery

    I finally resolved this.

    The temporary folder in SabNZB in Windows was on one of my SATA Network drives. Moved it to my boot SSD and got full speed

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    Jonj1611 (15-04-2022),neonplanet40 (15-04-2022)

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