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Thread: One forum not sending out email notifications

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    One forum not sending out email notifications

    I belong to a number of forums and almost always have e-mail notifications sent out for that thread I was in getting new activity.
    This one isn't;

    I have contacted two different "administrators' and they are claiming it's my browser (naturally). I cleared cash & cookies as instructed and unchecked, then re-checked e-mail notifications in the threads list I'm following, but no difference.

    The stranger thing, the 'Conversations' (PM's) notifications do come in. I even change my e-mail address, but no difference. And yes, I've check my Spam folder. I have no firewalls.
    I have run into this elsewhere on occasion, but not to this level.

    Any ideas here??
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    Re: One forum not sending out email notifications

    Not sure why it would be your browser when it would surely be a profile setting?
    I've not posted on there since 2010. Amazed all my old posts are still there!

    Having logged in I can only see these settings in Accounts > Preferences:
    I assume you've set them all correctly.

    Email options:

    • Receive email when a new conversation message is received

    Content options:

    • Automatically watch content you create…
    • and receive email notifications
    • Automatically watch content you interact with…
    • and receive email notifications

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