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Thread: "Bridging" WLAN?

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    "Bridging" WLAN?

    Hello folks..

    I've a friend with a BT broadband router with wifi. He's got an office in another building outside his house and my laptop can 'just' pick up the signal. My question is, is it possible to put another wifi router in the office and 'bridge' the two wifi routers as a single network? It's not something i've done before so advice appreciated. Does anyone know what the best box would be for the job?

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    I have sucessfully done this using a wireless bridge and plugging that into access point. I believe routers and access points receive their signal from the ethernet cable rather than wireless in terms of uplink. Whereas a wireless bridge will receive a signal from the router at your friends office and then pass it on through the cable to an access point which will in turn 'serve' the other office.

    The bridge I was using was a netgear something or other and a unbranded access point. It was more of a proof of concept than anything else.

    Here are some links on Scan for a bridge and a access point: Access Point and Bridge

    There are probably cheaper product out there but I have personally found the linksys range to be the best i have used.

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