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Thread: Heads up! New Buffalo Firmware

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    Heads up! New Buffalo Firmware

    New firmware for the WBR-54G router.

    Fixed a couple of minor niggles I had. Also now lets you hide your SSID.

    So I've not only got a super secure network, but it's hidden from net-stumblers - Now for the honey trap

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    Just got my WBR-54G in yesterday, got it online via wired network, uploaded the firmware, configured the whole rig, fired up my laptop and nothing!!

    I looked at the unit again and found the diag light was blinking in sets of 4. I called Buffalo support and they had me reseat the mini PCI card inside the unit but no luck so they are shipping me a new one.

    I'm dissapointed that it arrived broke but the interface seems nice and I was shocked at the support line. No que's, no on-hold music, a person actually picked up the phone right away. We had the problem diagnosed and a new one shipped in less than 10 Min.

    Bring on the Buffalo!

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