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Thread: Sonicwall Sonicpoints... Waste of money??

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    Sonicwall Sonicpoints... Waste of money??

    Are Sonicwall Sonicpoints anything other than overpriced, AP's??

    We've just had a new Sonicwall firewall put in and I've been told to look into the Sonicpoints as we wish to upgrade our wireless at somepoint this year... I believe theyre nothing more than overpriced AP's but could be wrong... (Do they offer more protection??)

    I'm guessing you probably need licenses to operate them aswell....

    All documentation on the web seems to vary, and short of ringing Sonicwall and being given sales spiele, I wondered if anyone here knew anything?
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    Not a big sonicwall fan at all , never have been ( especially of their licensing , the old firewalls never actually recycled licenses , so you'd have to reboot the device quite regularly if you had a transient userbase.
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    I have been looking at a a 1260 but the anti virus updates are £700 a year and thats just for starters!

    I still like the look of the drayteks but I wish they did a switch and not just routers

    Although I suppose the v3300 can still run as a switch and I can use the SDSL modem in conjunction with a v3300?

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