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Thread: PS-2 SCPH-50004 & S400 iLink Connector...

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    PS-2 SCPH-50004 & S400 iLink Connector...

    I noticed that the PS-2 Model SCPH-50004 is not equipped with the S400 iLink connector, unlike the older 39004 model which had it!
    Why did SONY remove the i-Link connector from the newer model anyway?
    A lot of people would like to play a 2P deathmatch on 2 different PS-2s.
    Isn’t that what the S400 iLink connector was for in the first place?
    So isn’t there a way to connect the 50004 model to a 2nd PS-2 and play a 2 player game on 2 different TV screens? It only has the 2 USB plugs.

    I need to know in order to decide which model of the two models I should get.

    Thanks in advance.

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    nobody used the firewire port, so they removed it to lower costs. there's no way to network 2 machines together without it unless you get the network adapter & the game supports it.

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