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Thread: Wireless fun - please help

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    Wireless fun - please help

    Hey guys,

    I recently installed Vista on my system, and I like to play Battlefield. My connection to my router is via a Netgear WG111 Wireless adapter. With XP, I used to get huge ping spikes because of the Wireless Zero Config thing that windows has - this was solved by using the netgear software and turning off the WZC service. Now in Vista the same problem is back - except of course there are know third party programs for wireless adapters! Does anyone have any idea how i can get rid of the lag spikes, which i assume are being caused by Vista searching for other wireless networks? Thanks in advance,


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    I was having major problems with my Netgear Pre-N kit with massive ping times and losing connection. I tried everything from dirvers to resetting the config of everything and the only thing to solve it was to re-position my antenna and since I've had no problems whatsoever.
    I dont know if Vista made it super sensitive to my Keyboard/Mouse Receiver which was quite close but like I siad no probs since moving it.

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