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Thread: Quicky- installing Scythe Infinity

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    Quicky- installing Scythe Infinity

    Hi guys,
    has anyone here installed a Scythe Infinity lately? I'm stuck on the 3rd step, where you have to push the push pins into the 4 holes in the mainboard. Any tips on how to do this? Already for 30 mins without success- not one click yet


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    Most coolers are the same. Twist the pins anti-clockwise (i think) and pull them all the way up, then while they are up, twist them clockwise (i think), line them up with the holes on the mobo (the mobo should not be screwed in at this point) and the top right pin in, then the bottom left, then the top left, then the bottom right. They should click and if you look at the bottom of the mobo the pegs should be pertruding with a little black nipple in the middle.

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