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Thread: desktop replacement 1,000 bucks

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    desktop replacement 1,000 bucks

    another generic help seeking thread (sorry)

    i've got a dawn of time dell desktop that i adore, but there's no hiding that its due for retirement.

    my living situations a bit complex so a portable computer would take the edge off.


    -watching films
    -listening to music, making playlists, burning cds
    -lots of internet time
    -a few applications running at once (short attention span)
    -some photoshop (would increase if my machine could only take it)
    -im not a gamer

    my most used applications are:

    -sonicstage (changing mp3 device soon hopefully)

    im also interested in computers with digital tv capabilities.

    so its really more of an entertainment machine im looking for.

    my experience of macs hasnt really endeared them to me but im open minded.

    i tend to be brand loyal, and although i know its probably not sensible sony tends to be my brand.

    i liked the look of the VAIO AR-21M but am sure its not right for me and probably has bells and whistles i would never use.

    the thought of spending big amounts at once petrifies me and working in the retail industry i have little trust for sales people.

    although i'd like it to be portable if theres a desktop of the gods that would suit me better i might be swayed.

    im really grateful for anyone who finds the time to help me out.


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    The Vaio AR is very very media card and all that crap if i remember..Might suit you.

    If you're not a gamer and only doing 2D stuff then gfx cards dont really effect you but try and get at least a small amount of dedicated gfx card memory..64mb probably.

    Concetrate on the obvious. current mobile cpu is the Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 but that wont fall into your price range.

    Look around the the 2.0ghz mark..they are good preformers.

    Try and get 2GB of RAM sounds like you can make good use of it. 667mhz if you can

    And a HD that spins at 7200rpm would be benificial.

    Guessing you want a big screen?

    If it has to be 17" maybe this..

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