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Thread: WHAT lappy for vista/games for 600MAX!

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      • laptop :P
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      • New Macbook Unibody
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      • OS X Yosemite
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      • 1280x800 LED 13.3 macbook screen
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      • 16mb sky uncapped package... currently around 6-8mb down my road but still 652k is fasssst:D

    WHAT lappy for vista/games for 600MAX!

    Right I’m thinking of one of those dells with 1.6 GHz C2D, 1 GB ram, 160 GB HDD, ATi X1400 mobility? What would this spec be like for games? Would I notice an increase to my current 2.2 GHz overclocked amd 2400xp-m with 1 GB ram and ATi 9600xt 128mb? Would it run its vista home premium nicely? does that come with all the stupid GUI ram hogging rubbish (WHY:S I'm not 6yrs old!) would I honest be better off running XP on it to get more out of it for games? Obviously it won’t be a directx 10 card so don't really need vista for games right? Or is it directx10 card (doubt it) is there another laptop you'd recommend within my budget?
    If this is going to be really crap for games then I will run it for Linux (ubuntu I expect) what would it be like for 64bit windows/Linux? Is it worth it or should I use 32bit? Would I be better off getting a Celeron or cheaper amd deal for ubuntu then?
    I Photoshop and game and burn movies allot...
    Sorry if this is confusing.
    oh and how long will the battery last.someone please list some laptops that would be to speak for these tasks and how long they would last for hours wise.
    UK by the way!
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