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Thread: Overclocking X2 4400 with Shuttle ST20G5

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    Overclocking X2 4400 with Shuttle ST20G5

    I've just swapped a 4400 into my ST20G5 to extend its life a bit. I've read that these chips can overclock quite well, so I'm wondering how I could get the most of it from my Shuttle

    I used to overclock lots so I'm not totally unfamiliar, but it's been years since I've messed around with FSBs and multiplyers and such like, so can anyone give me a basic 101 on overclocking with an ST20G5 please?


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    1) go to
    2) type 'Overclocking ST20G5'
    3) click links and read

    Theres loads of overclocking guides and reviews on the net for your system and for overclocking a 939 based system.

    Heres a quote from anandtech on your system:

    "One area where the ST20G5 falls flat is overclocking support. While the BIOS lists up to a 255 MHz bus, we could not get a stable overclock above 205 MHz, no matter what we tried. We've seen some other reviews confirming our findings, so if you're looking at overclocking, this SFF is not for you. "

    Amazing what google can do....
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