I'm looking to use my PC (with XP Pro x64) and TFT Monitor for watching movies, but need a way of controlling playback remotely (whether by IR or RF). I do not really need RF as I will have line of sight to the PC. While I would mainly use it for playback of DVD's and encoded movies, it would be nice if I could also playback audio (with the ability to switch to full screen visuals (eg. fractals etc.)), and browse images.

As I will be using the monitor instead of connecting it to a TV, then all I need is a remote control and some software to interpret the commands sent from the remote. I currently use Zoom Player Pro as my primary movie playback software, and foobar for audio (although ZPP can be used for most media types).

While looking at this weekends Today Only offers, I saw the "Cyberlink Power Cinema 3.0.1711 Media Centre Software with Remote Control" on offer for about £10 which looks like it might do what I need. Would this allow me to:

a) browse files/folders and playback/view files (eg. movies, audio, images) ?
b) control playback (eg. fast forward/back, next/previous track, etc.) ?
c) does it support XP Pro x64 ?

During my research, I came across some other slightly more expensive solutions:

Snapstream Firefly PC RF Remote
Streamzap PC IR Remote

Which one should I go for (bearing in mind I don't want to spend too much) ?