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Thread: freecom DVB sticks are Pathetic!

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    freecom DVB sticks are Pathetic!

    I have a hauppauge dec2000t which is too massive so I figured I would upgrade to much more recent compact technology...

    the bastard freecom can't get any channels smoothly with the same aerial, it's the receiver it's pathetic!

    some more money in the dustbin, they give you these stupid plastic boxes you have to rip open so you feel guilty about sending them back!

    arse!!! I also have to send my mainboard that has s--t USB it's like going back to 1995! I'm downgrading everything and it's not stable. and I got a new am2 processor and I want to send that back too because I don't have a main board.... what do I do?
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    A friend of mine has the same usb stick and uses it with the supplied aerial and hasn't mentioned any probs to me, are you sure the connectors are all secure as they are a bit pants.

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