I'm going to buy a Shuttle SB75G2 from Kustompcs & had been told that it is possible to fit a SLK947U & a 92mm fan instead of the Ice heatpipe cpu cooler. Has anyone ever done this?

What there a vast improvment in cooling ?

I have a CDR/RW & a DVD-R/RW which I both want to keep - so guess I'd need a external USB2/Firewire enclosure for one of them. Unfortunately, they're both beige! Would I be better trying to paint the fronts of the drives or attach a bezel to it ?

I've sourced an OEM P4 3.2Ghz CPU & was going to use my 2 x 256MB P3200 Twinmos BH5 RAM. Will that be suficient or should I be looking at faster ram & more of it ?